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"Aleksey works very hard to provide the best experience for CFEngine users. He is personable, diligent and enthusiastic. There can be no greater recommendation."

Mark Burgess, Founder/CTO of CFEngine

"I have watched Aleksey provide exceptional hands on training for large groups over the past 2 years and just recently had the pleasure of his direct training services for one of our customers. The course material was excellent and the customer was very satisfied. I look forward to working with Aleksey in the months to come on other training assignments."

Bob Whirley, President of CFEngine

"I had been hitting a real roadblock with understanding the relationships between promises, bundles and bodies. I don't know if it was from tunnel vision from CFEngine 2 or just general thick headedness, but for some reason things just weren't clicking. For whatever reason, the mysterious glue that was keeping me from "getting it" showed up during the webinar. So for me, it was a huge benefit."

Sean Johnson

"The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect. No bullshit."

Bernard Brandl, Sysadmin

"Training has helped me improve my troubleshooting skills of CFEngine3. I have understood some of the design goals and now clearly understand the syntax of CFEngine promises. ... Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with power point slides. Most of the class was hands on."

Prakash Rudraraju, Tools and Automation Engineer

"It was more in-depth and intensive than most of the vendor training things I've gone to, not a lot of starting late, leaving early, etc. Good attention to detail and making sure all points were understood."

Michael Stevens, Sysadmin


"Aleksey delivered beyond expectations. His positive attitude, his knowledge and his work ethic are more than impressive. Where everybody else fell short to deliver, he mastered a solution, monitored it and offered advices on security which was beyond the scope of work. We are happy to have found the sysadmin contractor our team needs."

--M.B., Developer

"I was looking for someone to quickly write a linux shell script involving recursive copies and regular expressions, taking into account both time and space complexity. After a few candidates thought they could do the job but fell short at some level, it was Aleksey who offered an elegant solution that has now become part of my standard toolbox. Aleksey's code was well documented, concise, and I learned a lot from it. Based on this experience and my knowledge of sysadmin requirements in general, I would highly recommend Aleksey for any position or job involving Linux/Unix administration."


"Dear Aleksey,

Working with you has been a pleasure. There are few contractors that I have worked with that such a depth of understanding about computerization and understanding of the business end as you do. Your ability to communicate and understand what is needed and wanted has made each task that we have worked on smooth and fast. I appreciate that. I hope to work with you in more in the future as I know you will ensure the IT success of whatever we work on.


--Martin Johnstone, Vice President/Overall IT Director, Ultimate Creations

"My partners and I hired Aleksey to perform a security audit of a LAMP-based website we'd recently published. We were thoroughly impressed by his expertise and diligence and would highly recommend him to anyone needing his skills."

--Chris Moustakas, www.itpaystoask.com


"Aleksey did an amazing job of creating a functioning web farm for almost zero cost. He helped keep the company afloat when the funding failed to materialize. Ahh! The old .COM crash days :)"

--Grahame Scott-Douglas, Senior Developer, InsureSuite

"Aleksey always went beyond the call to make results happen, regardless of the barriers or the deadlines. His attention to detail and determination to learn and apply best practices added significantly to the overall level of productivity, and his gung-ho attitude often carried the team through tough .COM times."

--Larry Gentry, Manager of Web Systems, EarthLink

"Aleksey stands out in a crowd. He is friendly and personable and extremely approachable. I was always able to rely on him in a pinch and he never shied away from a challenge. His personal skills are a rare attribute in such a technically savvy individual."

--Glenn Maughan, Director Web Operations, Deluxe Labs

"Aleksey is a conscientious and diligent worker. He's very intelligent and a fast learner. Always supportive - a real team player."

--David Beckemeyer, Chief Technical Officer, EarthLink

"It was always a pleasure working with Aleksey at Earthlink. His dedication to projects, technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills are only a few of his many attributes."

--Jason Wells, Unix System Administrator, EarthLink

"Worked with Aleksey during grave and found his strong unix skills to be very useful. Very good work ethics and great person to deal with!."

--Romeo Rodriguez, Unix System Administrator, EarthLink


"I worked with Aleksey when I first started at EarthLink. I wouldn't have been there without his help. He always took the time to teach me things I didn't know and help me with projects when I didn't know how to proceed. He is a mentor I will always look up to."

--Avleen Vig, Unix System Administrator, EarthLink

"Aleksey was my mentor at Earthlink. When I first worked for him, I thought that he was very *picky*. He checked and monitored my work all the time, he wanted the best and most perfect work from me. it was tough, but before I knew it, I had became a strong and meticulous SA! Up to today, I am still very grateful to him! I was soo lucky to have his as my mentor! Aleksey was a great friend and wonderful role model!"

--Alice Yang, Unix System Administrator, EarthLink

"Aleksey has a natural ability to care and help his peers with seemingly complex problems. His can-do attitude is extremely refreshing in high stress situations."

--Alonso Robles, NOC Technician, EarthLink

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