Git Foundations: Basic Concepts and Definitions

Learn Git from the ground up.

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Length: 90 minutes

Description: Dozens of commands! Hundreds of options! Git has dumbfounded sysadmins and developers alike with feelings of inadequacy since its appearance in 2005.

And yet, this ingenious software is among the most fantastically useful ever developed.

Learn Git from the ground up and the inside out with Git Foundations Training!

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to understand Git fundamentals.

Take back to work: A clear understanding of the basics of Git and ability to use them.

Topics include:

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Student Successes

Thank you again for the great workshop! It was great to be able to get a deeper understanding about Git. Even though I knew about Git beforehand, just understanding more about the way it works and the definitions and machinations behind it really transformed my knowledge and usage of it. Especially considering back then I used Git without really understanding it, I really can conceptualize how it works and can't wait to apply it to future projects. Thank you for the great workshop, and I look forward to learning more.
—Kevin Nguyen, Systems Engineer

Your methods of explaining and getting everybody involved was really great. I liked the way you went about explaining the background as well as the related Git terminologies. Although, you have not gone into any Git commands I can already see the benefits of these kind of training in my daily job functions. I've only used a few Git commands, so I am looking forward to maximize my Git knowledge with your future sessions.
--Sonny Trang, Cloud Automation Engineer

It was very well explained so it really helped get a deeper understanding of the tool.
—Gustavo Ardila, Systems Administrator

You definitely filled out some conceptual holes.
—Stephen Franklin, Systems Engineer

I liked that it was approachable and assumed no prior knowledge.
—Eric White, Senior System Engineer

I was able to understand the explanations even as a student with limited technical knowledge.
—Eric, California Community College Student

This talk has something to offer for most Git users. It's not a run of the mill "how to use" Git presentation.
—Jordan Schwartz, Systems / Storage Engineer

It's very important to understand how Git works and what is the role of the .git directory and the files under it.
—Ionut Cadariu, Infrastructure Engineer

I've been using Git for years now, but only really understood enough to get my job done - checking in code, merging branches, tagging releases. It was really nice to understand what Git is actually doing internally when I issue those commands.
—George Wu, Vice President of Engineering

It was a fantastic class on Git internals. Mike obviously worked really hard to structure the material in a logical progression of definitions and concepts and really engaged the audience. I now understand DAGs, trees, blobs, objects and commits more thoroughly than I have before.
—Lan, San Gabriel Valley LUG organizer

Mike, thank you so much for giving an excellent presentation! You clearly know Git from top to bottom. Even better, you did a great job of presenting information, explaining concepts, and answering questions -- all in a very interesting way.
—Rick, San Gabriel Valley LUG member

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The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is just perfect. No bullshit.

– Bernard Brandl, Altran

Very personal approach to teaching. We are bored to death with PowerPoint slides. Most of the class was hands on.

– Prakash Rudraraju, Salesforce

Thank you for such a great class. Been to lots of technical training and you are the best instructor I've had.

– Thomas Nicholson, Ntrepid Corproration

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