Power Editing with Vim: Basics

Length: 1/2 day

Description: Most people use about 10% of vi's capabilities. Learn the other 90% and increase your speed and enjoyment in text editing.

Attendees must bring a laptop with Vim on it for in-class exercises.

Who should attend: No prior experience is required but 20 year veterans of vi have come out raving how much they learned.

Take back to work: Increased ability to use the Vim and vi editors.

Topics include:

Student Feedback

It was like knowing how to use a towel for your entire life and then finding out all the amazing uses there is for it outside of being something to dry your hands with!
Anonymized feedback, Cascadia IT Conference.

The class was quite useful, there were functions that I had not learned on my own yet that I will be using in the future to speed through my VI work.
Addison Pan, Software Developer

It was a really good presentation, well organized and delivered at a nice pace, with lots of real-life examples and plenty of time for questions and answers at every step. I've been using vi and vim for 18 years and I came away having learned a LOT of new and very valuable things.
Richard L. Baumann, MBA, MPH, MS / Senior Manager, Data Systems and Programming.

I've long avoided vi(m) because it always seemed like too many shortcut sequences to commit to memory. ... After tonight's lecture, I have a renewed appreciation and desire to finally tackle vim.
David Oswald, Freelance Programmer

Knowing very little about Linux I found this presentation to be very useful and interesting. I think this was a great starting point. I really liked the in-depth explanations and history, this really helped me put everything into context.
Mycah Mason, Network Analyst

There were a lot of great new tricks and possibilities I learned during the session. ... I'm very inspired to further master vi.
Darren S., Linux Consultant at The Linux Foundation

Good pace in class, hands on reinforcement of vi commands during class, can grow with this for months, nice work on instruction!
Matt Massie, President/CEO at Custom-BuiltPCs.com